Conveyor, four guys based in Brooklyn plastering their Bandcamp page with free downloads. They have by all accounts been much talked about across the bloggosphere for over a year but it was the release of new track Mane that caught my attention for the first time today:

It’s very light and optimistic and a bit twinkly in certain areas, and better than all of that for every overdraft dodger out there it’s free. Now it’s perfect. But anyway, it sounds lovely, it’s bloody catchy too, a nice little teaser to whet the old appetit for the album they should be releasing before too long (hopefully, I have no idea).

They wowed a fair few critics at SXSW this year and seem to be popping up in several major online music publications, and justifiably so, as the 405 put it, their music is charming. Yep, that’s definitely the best word for it, charming.

I quite like this EP from last September:

…and this one from last spring:

They make a dreary british afternoon a little more cheerful, for free, ideal.


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