Cold Specks – Blank Maps

The Line Of Best Fit, lucky buggers that they are, got an exclusive Soundcloud stream of Blank Maps, a new track from everybody’s one-to-watch Cold Specks. The song was released as a single at the end of last month and is available to download from Amazon/iTunes as you might expect. However a download link doesn’t look quite as snazzy as an exclusive premier so jealous as I am, I have rather painlessly managed to sniff out a live recording of the track on youtube:

But I won’t lie, the bona fide recording is better, to be found right HERE.Or just download it, it really wouldn’t be something you regret spending 89p on. The cover art isn’t too shabby either:

Another new track, Winter Solstice, popped up on Soundcloud about two weeks ago, it’s a cracker too.

Winter Solstice isn’t available for download so I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the album I Predict A Graceful Expulsion which will be released on Mute on 21st May. Whilst I might disagree with TLOBF on how to research the correct release dates for singles etc. I do think they’re very much correct in saying that Cold Specks is set to be a breath of fresh air with Al Spyx’s voice steeped in southern soul and no attempt at any kind of gimmick, it just feels like you’re listening to a raw talent, lame as that sounds it’s true. There’s a soulfulness and a growing sense of ease in their music that’s very appealing against a backdrop of a lot of synthed up, chopped up, sampled electro.

Finally, if you go to the Cold Specks website HERE and sign up to the mailing list you recieve a free download with the confirmation email, I got sent a link for Holland (see previous Cold Specks post). Freebies are always welcome, enjoy.


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