Florence Welch and Josh Homme cover Jackson

Florence Welch and Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures etc…) have done a cover of the Johnny Cash classick Jackson. When I heard about this I was a bit worried about how British Florence is in terms of how her voice sounds, compared to how southern June Carter’s voice was. But really I don’t think I should have worried at all, it just works, probably because it’s so different to the original and still similar in all the right places.

This is part of an MTV Unplugged session that Florence has done, set to be aired on 21st April and you can pre-order the session worldwide (with a poster!) heres the tracklisting:

1. Only If For A Night
2. Drumming Song
3. Cosmic Love
4. Breaking Down
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Try A Little Tenderness
7. No Light No Light
8. Jackson (feat. Josh Homme)
9. What The Water Gave Me
10. Dog Days Are Over
11. Shake It Out


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