YADi, probably known to her friends and family as Hannah Yadi is based in south London and set to release debut EP Guillotine on 23rd April. She wears a lot of black and is known for stomping around on stage in a black leotard and a lace cape, not surprising then that a lot of people have been comparing her to the likes of Florence Welch. It’s that witchy woman in black thing, but it worked out very well for Florence so it might just do the same thing for Yadi.

She’s small but she seems as though she could well be mighty, yeah like that laundry detergent, only on the british pop scene not in your washing machine. Here’s Sahara Heart which you can download for free:

The next two, well you’ll have to Carry On Streaming:



DIY says she’s mixing nostalgia and future-pop, whatever that means, but anyway the sound is very accessible, there are moments where you could potentially understand the Florence comparisons, I think she sounds like a Florence/Bat For Lashes hybrid in places, an interesting thing to be. Yet still I can imagine Yadi providing the soundtrack to many a pre-drink and/or house party.

A perfect little Saturday night freebie I think, enjoy.

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