Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP

Daniel Rossen has just released his first solo EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, whilst currently recording another album with his band Grizzly Bear. Five songs in length, this EP was more than enough to set me pining for a full-length album.

From the first track Up on High Rossen is showcasing his talent as a songwriter, it comes as no surprise that NME have described him as one of the best songwriters in modern rock. He has also been compared to Elliot Smith several times, not because his music sounds the same, rather because they share the same brand of intelligence and depth in their songwriting, or maybe it’s just because they have both produced things which are just brilliantly crafted and a magnificent treat for the ears.

The whole thing feels warm, like something to sink into, even if underneath the guitars, the pianos, the woodwind and Rossen’s magnetic vocals there is a deep-set kind of sadness, SPIN magazine said “there’s simply no way to teach someone to communicate sadness the way Rossen can” in response to Silent Song, the first single to be taken from the EP, I’d say they were spot on with that observation.

In an interview he did with PitchFork, Rossen explains how he wrote a lot of the songs on the EP over quite a long period of time, not quite sure what he was doing or whether he would ever complete it. He’s glad he did and so are the scores of fans and critics falling in love with it. You can read the PitchFork article HERE. Then go and download the EP, it’s on iTunes and Amazon, easier than putting your socks on, and as I’ve learnt from personal experience, a great deal more satisfying.

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