Monkey Anna

Electro-pop on a tuesday evening anyone? Well this is Europe. So, Monkey Anna, hailing from Leeds and now residing in Paris, spending her time drinking coca cola in diners and recording songs about mojitos and GPS systems. And sex. I’ve definitely heard of worse combinations…

Mojito Style:

I think this track is my favourite, it’s a bit Don’t You Want Me Baby by The Human League with a twist of Madonna’s Holiday. 80s-tastic at any rate. This girl makes me think that it might just be a wonderful idea to dance around in some very tight, very bright spandex, all day long, preferably with a mojito in hand.

Monkey Anna is set to perform the “Monkey Anna TV Dinner Show” at La Boule Noire here in Paris on 7th April for anyone that fancies a soirée which “draws you through the TV screen into a poptastical world of cupids, rockers, monkeys and men in baths”, this isn’t a concept I’ve seen before and I am intrigued as to whether the monkeys share the bath with the men, or whether they are to take it in turns. Sounds like a brilliant night out.

After hearing about this I’m really hoping for an EP, especially after streaming absolutely all of her available material all evening, I just want more, I’m very interested to hear what else she’s going to come up with.

And one more, because I just can’t turn her off so you shouldn’t either. Cardiac Arrest:

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