Nicole Miglis

Seeing as spring has sprung, The 405 timed it brilliantly when they decided to feature Nicole Miglis in their new artists section today. She is an acoustic singer/songwriter, based in sunny Florida with a voice that’s really quite interesting in a really very pretty way. And a Bandcamp site too, naturally.

You can download her self-titled EP for 5 dollars on bandcamp, but if you’re feeling really stingy and don’t want to pay for all six songs, you can stop at one because Moody Bible is available for free. She got into Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen when she was a teenager and I think you can definitely hear elements of all of them, especially some of Joni Mitchell’s lighter recordings. But then, it’s acoustic, and a lot of acoustic artists lay claim to influences such as the three aforementioned heavyweights, I mean it’s impossible to be an acoustic singer/songwriter without being influenced by them. In the case of Nicole Miglis though I would say it’s a brilliant thing, she’s no copycat and she is now providing a happy and very sunny soundtrack to my life for a while.

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