Haim are an L.A. based ‘girl band’, taking this year’s SXSW by storm, literally as I speak. They’re crossing the Atlantic soon, playing Brighton’s Grest Escape festival, for starters, and charming the fans and critics as they go it seems. They’re 3 sisters, last name Haim funnily enough, who have been playing together for years and who, according to an interview they did for Vogue (here) decided on a “stripped-back nu-folk–meets–nineties-R&B-pop sound”. I think I know what that means.

Anyway you can try and work it out for yourselves. If you go to http://www.haimtheband.com/ you can download their recently released EP, Forever, for free. Three tracks that you can also stream for free on soundcloud:

Better Off:


Go Slow:

They’re interesting because they don’t really fall into any specific category, yes they are quite likely to appeal to a lot of indie fans, but there’s a universal appeal with the R ‘n’ B element thrown into the mix, never mind the bouncy pop sounds that seem to bounce gently along with everything else, even the odd guitar flash. You can tell these girls grew up in the nineties, even if the title track from the EP has a bit of an eighties spin on it. I think they’re also going to provide a lovely soundtrack for the beginnng of the summer, they are from L.A. after all, it can’t possibly be a bad thing that we now have another band bringing a bit of californian sunshine to northern Europe.


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