Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole

Here’s a new track from the Temper Trap, it’s calledRabbit Hole and will appear on their forthcoming self-titled album:

The Temper Tramp themselves are very excited about the release of their second album, they’re immensely proud of it and hope we really like it according to their website. Hopefully they’re right and we will be ecstatic on the release date, not stood there like Ross from Friends when Janice showed him her ugly baby “did you see the kid on that nose?”. But who can say.

Anyway, it’ll be 12 tracks:

1. Need Your Love
2. London’s Burning
3. Trembling Hands
4. The Sea Is Calling
5. Miracle
6. This Isn’t Happiness
7. Where Do We Go From Here
8. Never Again
9. Dreams
10. Rabbit Hole
11. I’m Gonna Wait
12. Leaving Heartbreak Hotel

and it will be released on 21st May in Europe (the 18th if you live in Australia/NZ and 5th June in the US). This is the Temper Trap’s first album as a five piece after guitarist/keyboard player Joseph Greer has been officially welcomed into the gang. They’re also planning a UK tour to follow on from a sell-out US tour. Conditions, the band’s 2009 debut was really rather lovely, so fingers crossed that this ‘tricky second album’ will raise the bar even higher.

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