Of Monsters And Men

These guys are a six-piece Icelandic dream team. There are brass instruments and beats you can tap your feet to and big swishy cymbals. It’s a proper knees-up in my headphones.

And best of all? You can get all three of these for free:

The above tracks all feature on the band’s debut EP Into The Woods, released in December last year, with another song called Six Weeks, but the entire EP is only available on iTunes if you live in the US or Canada. BUT if you find yourself shaking with desperation to hear Six Weeks, you may stream it for free on facebook if you ‘like’ the page. You can’t say these people (or their management) aren’t generous.

Of Monsters And Men got recognised after winning a battle-of-the-bands thingmijig in Iceland once and they’ve been on the way up ever since, single Little Talks was N°1 in Iceland last year and so was their debut LP My Head Is An Animal which will be released worldwide via Universal Republic on 3rd April.

Now there’s something to look forward to, especially as the band announced last week that they’re doing a UK and Europe tour.


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