The May Birds

After building up a core fanbase in and around Soho and Camden, London based group The May Birds seem to be on the brink of something really quite exciting.

The band started out as a double act, Alice Haughton providing the vocals with Ella Parkinson on guitar, then after a while they decided to take it up a notch with the additions of Camilla Rockley on cello and Charlotte Workman on piano, which added a lot of depth to what Alice and Ella were already doing and furninshed the band with a sound could now have enough potential to break out onto the up-and-coming folk scene. If you can’t make it to one of their gigs anytime soon the girls released their debut single Inside Out late last year accompanied by B-side Wait For Me, available whenever and wherever you fancy on iTunes.

There is of course an official video, a visual side dish if you will, to go with it:

They’ve already had some exposure after supporting Jesca Hoop, established State-Side-but-now-lives-in-Manchester (our Manchester) folkie, and by playing both The Great Escape and Beautiful Days festivals in the UK last summer, enchanting more new fans as they went.

So what next? Well The May Birds have recently been selected for the live regional finals of Live And Unsigned which takes place on 11th March for anyone that fancies it. Until then their next gig is on 27th February in London if you can make it. These girls put on a pretty good show by all accounts, but if you just want to pop some headphones on then click right HERE and have a peruse of some of their other tracks, alternatively there’s that reliable old chestnut SoundCloud:


Blossom Trees:

Blossom Trees is a sweet little thing, but then with a name like that it was never going to be bitter…

To round off I’d say The May Birds can be filed next to/near the likes of First Aid Kit, Jesca Hoop, Jaymay, Sharon Van Etten and Ben Howard, yeah probably my kind of thing.


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