Marlon Roudette, he had a song on Private Practice yeah…

I just stumbled across a good little Saturday song whilst watching that well known Grey’s Anatomy spin off, because today is Saturday I can watch shit TV and eat cheese until I feel sick, sounds perfect no?

So, the song, called The Loss by Marlon Roudette (because I’m british, Marlon will forever be an Emmerdale character to me), apparently he achieved some sort of minor fame in Europe a while ago with a band called Mattafix and a song called New Age, but last year he released a solo album with The Loss on it. It might be the only listenable song on the rcord, but hey ho, it’s a happy little thing, well bouncy in a nice lazy way.

It’s on soundcloud as you might expect:

So, mediocre/shit “reggae/pop” (the picture of him on his Wikipedia page says it all) artist, one good song. It made it onto Private Practice, maybe it’s alright?


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