First Aid Kit – Lion’s Roar

So I might be a week late for the release date of this one, but still, I’ve been busy. Sporadic posting… Otherwise known as negligence. So, First Aid Kit, two sisters from Sweden who have just released their second album to great critical acclaim and countless five star reviews from inumerable adoring fans. Why? Because they’re ace.

It’s a bit indie-country, or country-indie, and it sounds like nothing else and many things, all the best things about new Americana. It has been tipped as one of the best Americana records of the year, maybe jumping the gun somewhat before January’s even come to a close, yet still not an entirely ridiculous statement, following the musical disappointment of 2011. Americana has evolved, but it’s still the same as ever, it could be anything, it’s indie, it’s folk, it’s global, it’s a beautiful mess really, decorative, this particular example has an insight that Joni Mitchell could be proud of and something almost soothing that makes you want to listen to it all again. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now. Doing the genre proud.

Emmylou, the first single from the album also has a nice little video:

A name dropping nod of the head to the genre, pretty perfect really.

Oh go on, here’s some more:

I really like this record, there’s something new and refreshing about the way it glances backwards slightly, that sounds a bit daft but hey, it’s what I think it sounds like, and this band are firmly paving a future for themselves. The BBC says they’re the band to “most likely hit the big time”, but who cares, just keep releasing records like this please.


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