A bandwagon worth jumping on. Yep, Lana Del Rey.

Lauren Laverne tweeted the other day that Lana Del Rey has a pout you can hear on vinyl, to be honest that’s  pretty much all anyone really needs to know, and is pretty much all anyone does know for sure. The whole internet is/has gone fucking mental for her, understandably, (approximately a bazillion views on youtube) and finally today the debut single Video Games has been released worldwide after weeks of non-stop radio coverage and much anticipated TV appearances.

At the moment Amazon has the UK release date of her debut album as 23rd January 2012, hang in there.

Apparently she has had a previous crack at finding fame, in 2009, using her real name Lizzie Grant. Bizarrely enough all references to the aforementioned Lizzie have been wiped from the internet following a reinvention Madonna would be proud of, giving people a reason to dislike her and make her out to be another elusive music industry pawn.

Even if she is, she’s as insanely sexy as her voice suggests, she’s ginger and she’s pale. I like her a lot.


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