Favourite single of the year (so far…?)

I know this song was released a few weeks ago as a single but I just felt I should mention it, because it’s fucking brilliant.

The Last Living Rose by PJ Harvey, not a long one, 2 mins 21 seconds on the album version and 2 mins 23 on the iTunes session EP, which is equally as fantastic. For a lot of fans this song isn’t all too popular because Polly Jean’s showcasing her talent as a popular songwriter as opposed to the serious one she usually is, or is she? Just because something becomes popular, doesn’t mean it can’t be serious too, revolution for instance.

The whole song is great, the first line “Goddamn Europeans, take me back to beautiful England” is probably what sucked me in, she’s right, and I’m a brit abroad so I like to think it’s relevant. Anyway it’s a definite gem on the Mercury Prize winning album Let England Shake which is easily one of the best albums of the year. It’s a fantastic album and The Last Living Rose is the highlight. Buy it, love it, listen to it on repeat.



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