Wild Flag

A new not-quite supergroup from Washington DC whose members have all been playing in several noteworthy, if not world famous, bands for years, bands such as Sleater Kinney, The Minders, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks…. yeah no one really cares about that. Neither did they apparently, they’ve been touring small venues in the US scraping a new fanbase together for this project, their label stating rather graciously that they are not relying on previous success etc, and now their self-titled debut has washed up on European shores.

The good news is that experience seems to be a winning attribute for this band, they sound like they know what they’re doing because it can only be assumed that they do. As debuts go this one’s a pretty good showcase for a new collaboration, Carrie Brownstein delivering some excellent post-punk rock ‘n’ roll and some more complex songwriting from Mary Timony, it’s a comfortable mix however, not suprising seeing as all four members have known each other for more than  a decade.

It’s got a lot of guitars, feels like the 90s, but in a good way, the punk spirit remains and it’s like a wake up call after the torrents of electro-based, over synthed, over produced and largely unremarkable music that 2011 seems to have been haemhorraging left, right and centre. Guess what? People can still play real instruments! Every song, barring the vocals, were recorded live so it feels real, it doesn’t sound over processed, it sounds honest. Well done and thank you Wild Flag.

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