Feist – Metals

After only about 36 hours, I’d say I’ve listened to this entire album about 7 times. Released yesterday after hoards of great reviews, Metals could prove to be one of the best albums of the year.

Not only is it brilliant to hear Leslie Feist’s lovely voice again but it’s nice to hear the way her music has changed since The Reminder. This time round everything seems a bit fuller, as if there’s more to listen to. More bass, more drums, more piano, more woodwind, more strings, more. From the opening track this record is something you feel you can just dive right into, that sounds ridiculous but I stand by it as an observation.

If anything it’s a little bit darker, but there are a few tracks with a similar feel to Feist’s previous releases, Cicadas and Gulls is a beautiful track that’s a bit wistful, Bittersweet Melodies does pretty much what the title suggests, following on from the opening track The Bad In Each Other with the same we’re-not-really-right-for-each other sentiments. Other tracks like A Commotion are a bit more forceful, ending in a whirlwind of drums and harmonies and guitars and everything else all mashed together,  there’s even a saxophone or two scattered about this record. The album was recorded mostly in some “big open space” on the coast of California, that kind of comes out in the sound of it, being in the middle of nowhere and it has a really positive effect on the music.

To me it seems as though this album is a little bit harsher and maybe a bit more to the point than the others. It has an element of blues about it and an element of chaos, both of which are two of the best things about music so all in all this is a brilliant acheivement, perhaps her best so far? Oh and not forgetting the brilliant group of musicians working with her. Great, fantastic, go and buy it, stream it for free online first (hypetrak), Amazon has a 2 for £10 deal going too. No excuse.

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