3 days ago, Hype Machine flashed this badboy up:

and as I understand it bloggers and Florence fans have been going nuts for it, released as a digital single in 2009 (2 years ago!). Truth be told, it’s good to hear her voice again, with a song I haven’t heard her sing before. Might as well face it… there are only so many tours any artist can wring out of a single album, however brilliant that album might be. It’s great to hear that Florence’s voice is still as phenomenal as ever on her latest single What The Water Gave Me, so let the brilliant chaos of a new album commence (as of 7th November in the UK). Pre-orders via Amazon, iTunes etc etc etc.

Here’s the aforementioned single for anyone that wants to hear it:

P.S. Look out for the remixes, there ought to be a few beauties among them.

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