Wolf Gang – Suego Faults

New release from Atlantic by Max McElligott (AKA Wolf Gang) brings together the best of the artist’s influences to create quite a smashing record.

Minimal doesn’t seem to be a word that crossed McElligott’s mind, orchestral, euphoric sounds dance through this album, resulting in a sound not a million miles away from that of MGMT (not really much of a surprise considering the album was produced by Dave Fridman who worked with them), the sound of MGMT’s phenomenal first album as opposed to their disappointing second offering. Wolf Gang is definitely an artist that has maximised the potential of the studio, being a one-man-band that has been signed for the last 2 years, he has had the time to indulge himself.

Fortunately he didn’t go too far, despite filling every track to symphonic levels it all seems to fall into place, the biggest tracks on the album like The King And All of His Men seems to dance around juggling synths and chants and then leaves you a little bit stunned at the end, reminiscent of the early brilliance of The Killers on Hot Fuss.

The previously released single Lions in Cages is the grand opening to the whole shebang with a fantastic bridge and the well mastered sounds that probably make it the best track on the album and leaves you wanting more, well played tracklisting.

David Bowie’s influence becomes ever more apparent as the album progresses, especially on tracks such as Midnight Dancers and Planets, serving only to improve the situation and leaving the listening firmly under the impression of just having listened to something of good craftmanship, a real acheivement.

All in all a rather lovely glittering swirling first album, some might say deserving of a place next to the likes of Florence & The Machine, Marina & The Diamonds, Patrick Wolf, MGMT, Scissor Sisters, The Guillemots… Let’s just hope Wolf Gang/McElligott can distinguish himself from the rest, thus far he’s not doing too badly, making the possibility of future work really quite exciting.


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