Nathaniel Rateliff

As seen on Later…With Jools Holland about a week ago, a performance that is sure to double his fanbase in the U.K.

The chorus is something else, it’s a sound that makes an audience stop in their tracks and listen, and then the line “you set a course to cross me out” is all but guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The backing vocals in this performance are equally brilliant, without them the song wouldn’t have half the impact.

The album, In Memory of Loss on Rounder Records, is just as praiseworthy. One of the better americana records so far this year, not a million miles away from Johnny Flynn’s Been Listening. Fourteen tracks of emotional ups and downs, the sombre tone of quite a few of the tracks already set by the album title, while at the same time the opeing track One in a Great While, starts off quite hopefully with an almost happy sounding piano melody. There are other tracks like A Lamb on the Stone, that aren’t really sombre at all, distinctly upbeat and forgiving of whoever it’s about. Again the backing vocals and the band on this record really make it great, harmonising perfectly to increase the emotion already apparent in Rateliff’s vocal. A lovely album that sounds well crafted but still a little rough around the edges, a perfect combination.

Here’s You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy:


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