Birgit Bidder

This week’s episode of Private Practice was more interesting than usual, not because of a change in the generally poor storylines, but the soundtrack. Right at the end of the show a song called Psalm From a Heart by swedish singer/songwiter Birgit Bidder came out of nowhere, it’s brilliant, haunting, potentially comparable to Adele, but different.

It’s available to stream on SoundCloud and youtube but if you want it you have to buy it from Swedish iTunes, or pay a fortune for it off Amazon. The song is from the album The Life Home which was released “worldwide” on 28th March this year. I want the whole bloody album, but at nearly 30€ it seems a bit steep for a poor student like me.

Until she paddles into the mainstream:

She’s touring with Katie Melua across Scandinvia, shame it’s not France because I have a feeling she might be pretty epic live.


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