More Nurse Jackie…

My favourite TV show just keeps getting better, roll on next week. Season 3, Episode 8 teaser:

Nice to know they’ll be having lunch, very curious to see whether or not Jackie even asks about Eddie going to O’Hara’s posh dinner thing.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be hilarious, following the newest installment which saw both Coop and Akalitus on top form. Finally Coop confessed his bunion to a patient, and Akalitus’s acronyms failed spectactularly, “GERBIL” and “TIT” being the most ridiculous. Let’s hope Michelle Obama will All Saints, just for the scope the writers would have with Akalitus, the comic possibilities really are endless with that woman, it’s all in those crazy eyes. A pipe dram perhaps but hey, it’s a great idea, who knows, maybe Michelle Obama would do it?

Some more Coop/Akalitus gold:

Dammit, still more than five days to go.


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