Nurse Jackie

Emmy awrd winning comedy from Showtime, now in it’s third season and continuing to crack me up countless times per episode. Jackie is definitely one of the most fucked up and yet brilliantly decent heroines on TV, with an increasingly desperate drug habit, two kids, a husband, a complicated extra-marital affair with pharmacy guy Eddie and a gorgeous husband Kevin, she still seems to be holding it all together this season, or at the very least she isn’t ready to let everything come crashing down around her just yet. that is essentially the backbone of the show but for me it’s how everyone around Jackie, dealing with her adapted version of her life for each of them, respond hilariously or emotionally.

Following the “intervention” by Kevin and O’Hara at the end of the last series it was almost difficult to watch Jackie and O’Hara’s friendship suffer, more so than it was to see Kevin dealing with his wife’s issues. O’Hara actually told Jackie “You broke my heart Jackie” in the first episode. Not surprising then that I did a little inward cheer this week when, finally, they were having lunch together again.

O’Hara’s relationship with Jackie is the funniest and probably the most honest of all of Jacke’s relationships, no wonder then that O’Hara reacted the way she did when she thought that Jackie didn’t trust her and she couldn’t trust Jackie, it was a shame for the audience too because between them they lay claim to some of the most hlarious material in the show, which for a few weeks were put firmly on hold.

Then there’s Akalitus. The ex nurse turned admin dictator with a heart. “Do you know what gets Michelle Obama out of bed in the morning? Fat kids!”. I knew she was a keeper from this moment in the first season:

The other nurses, soon to be joined by Kelly (mid season intro for him) and Coop seem to get funnier as time goes on, Coop remaining as ridiculous and faintly reminiscent of Zoolander as always, still suffering from his second broken  nose at the beginning of season three and trying desperately to make it up to Sam, who according to Cooper is “just a nurse”, for sleeping with his girlfriend, and failing epically, and according to Peter Facinelli the misery won’t end there for Coop. His moms announce their divorce and apparently there is some more bad news for Coop before the end of this season. Zoey has shed her newbie status and instead we see her and Lenny adjusting to their own brand of coupledom with copious amounts of duck sauce and Lenny’s spare key hidden in a sandwich. Thor remains as Thor has always been and Sam appears to fit in at All Saints, new nurse Kelly will presumably give Jackie something else to focus on as she will have to adjust to another new person entering her messy world.

For all that it’s only half an hour per week, a frankly insufficient amount, the writers manage to cram each episode full of storylines coming from numerous directions and at the same time it says funny and absorbing, and just like a good book, you become invested in the characters and end up not wanting to see the end. Long live Nurse Jackie!

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