Blood Pressures

I don’t think Alison Mosshart has ever sounded better. The whole album is as dark as ever, but it could just be possible that the pair are mellowing ever so slightly. There isn’t anything particularly fast on this album, the same bass riddled darkness runs throughout the record, this time dictating a more mellow pace, yet this is no bad thing.

I think the first track is my favourite.

Much as they have been compared to The White Stripes, the Kills are maintaining their own brand of modern blues rock with a simplicity that makes them stand out, Blood Pressures is no exception, according to a BBC review this album has the potential to leave fans wondering what an acoustic album might sound like, especialy with tracks such as Pots and Pans and The Last Goodbye, there could well be something in that, time to play the wait-and-see game.

The Kills are one of the headliners at this year’s Rock en Seine in Paris at the end of August, they were playing in Paris last week but I had to work.

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