The Tallest Man On Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth was one of those fantastic little recommendations for me. Now he’s made it on to Later…With Jools Holland, presumably to promote his album The Wild Hunt which was released last year.

It’s pretty much him (not of exceptional height) and his guitar or banjo or piano. Acoustic and at the same time it really sounds like something special. There is a lot of people weilding acoustic guitars and trying oh so hard to prove their originality, very few actually do anything worth listening to twice. This guy however manages it, with some brilliant melodies that aren’t overshadowed by the lyrics and just a touch of scandinavian kookiness.

First album Shallow Grave was released in 2008, before that he released an EP in 2006 and a single in 2007, releasing his latest album and another EP last year; so he’s been at it for a while, but with nearly nine and a half million listens on I think it’s safe to say he’s built up a pretty solid fan base. It was only fairly recently that the recordings were released to the big wide world, now the import costs won’t put people off buying the CDs.

He’s playing at La Maroquinerie in Paris on 30th May, I’m going. I think I might just have found the soundtrack to my summer.

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