The joy of the album.

Many artists, particularly the thousands within the “alternative” genre, release singles which are ‘accessible’ to a primarily mainstream audience, it’s a sensible thing to do, gets people buying the album. This could be seen as a little cowardly, but at the same time it allows the listener to have a little adventure with their new purchase, discovering the wonders they never heard on the radio. Here are some prime examples of songs confined to the B-Sides and Rarities that deserve the hype the singles got:

Anna Calvi – Desire – from her debut album Anna Calvi (2011)

Jamie T – Pacemaker – from his debut album Panic Prevention (2007)

Cat Power – Metal Heart from the album Jukebox (2008)

The Kills – Wait from the album Keep on Your Mean Side (2003)

Florence and the Machine – Between Two Lungs from the album Lungs (2009)

Anna Calvi (because she is brilliant she gets two) – The Devil from her debut album Anna Calvi (2011)

It’s usually a case of saving the best til last.

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