My Oh My Oh My

Scotland is fast becoming a musical gold mine. Roddy Woomble (you know, the guy from Idlewild) just released his latest album, The Impossible Song and Other Songs, and in a similar musical vein I just heard this on the radio:

The song is called My Oh My Oh My by a band We See Lights, their newest EP Twee Love Pop comes out at the end of the month. They have previously released two other EPs, availible for download. They seem to be drifting between Edinburgh and Glasgow gig-wise so hopefully they’ll be playing a few festivals this summer.

Glasgow based Sons and Daughters are set to release their new album Mirror Mirror on 11th June, apparenty toning down the guitars in favour of a more minimalistic sound, their latest release Silver Spell is the preview that could well set the tone for the album.

Also, Domino Records is by far and away my favourite record label at the moment, Anna Calvi, The Kills (new album out oh so soon, already availible to stream on Soundcloud) and Sons and Daughters to name a few, good month for them I feel.


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