I think I’m still in love with Colin

The King’s Speech has been out for weeks in England, but, unhappily, has only been released today in France. It has no less than 12 Oscar nominations and has already won several other accolades so there isn’t too much left to mention.

All I really wanted to say about this film was that it made me so happy, walking out of the cinema I had a smile on my face. Colin Firth was brilliant and Helena Bonham Carter was perfection. It was nice to see her without blood on her/around her for once.  I think this film will endear them to our beloved nation for a while yet. And Geoffrey Rush also proved that Australians can be both useful and entertaining. The King’s Speech maintains my complete belief in and adoration of British cinema. In short I loved this film, I intend to see it again and reccommend it to anyone that hasn’t.


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