Mac or die?

So, big news, I got sick of waiting around for delivery etc. so I just got up this morning and went to the Apple shop at Opéra and now…. I’m typing this on my new Macbook Pro. I already like it a lot more than my old Windows craptop. I’ve used Macs before but not really that extensively but to be honest, it’s not that hard. Especially with Mac wielding friends like mine who are exasperated by the fact that no, terribly sorry, but I don’t know absolutely everything about Macbooks. But I will! Downloading and installing is so fast! And the speakers on this thing are hidden well but are pretty loud. The default backgrounds are also ok, especially compared to Windows, sad as it is I have been looking through it all. It’s like getting a new toy, well I suppose that’s pretty much what I’ve done. Although now I have to start a linguistics essay. Or I could procrastinate for a week? Much better.

Should I really have just spent that much money on a computer? Ah well, my mother can't see my bank statements anymore!


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