Thank the BBC for Top Gear.

Good news! Top Gear is back for it’s 16th Series, and what could possibly be the most interesting thing you can do with a Skoda Yeti? Land a helicopter on it. Obviously.

This is not the end of the helicopter madness however, Richard Hammond does a film about how the modern day 911 is so much more and so much better than a VW Beetle. Firstly with a drag race (with the obvious result) secondly by going to South Africa to suspend the Beetle from a helicopter, a mile in the air, and have the 911 drive a straight mile on salt flats to the point where the Beetle is supposed to land, I’m not saying who wins in case the one person who actually reads this has been saving it on iplayer for the weekend.

Grainy as the South African salt flats but you get the point.

The new Ariel Atom V8 was the first item and potentially the best way to start the series. I want to drive one before I die, largely just to see what would happen to my face but mostly to know what that speed in a car that small would feel like.

There is also a nice shiny new Stig, after Ben Collins’ lift of the helmet… and John Bishop pulls it out of the bag in the “Reasonably Priced” car.

One last thought: how on earth did Britain’s three favourite driving-license-holders get those jobs?


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