Van is still The Man.

This might be my favourite song of his. I saw Van Morrison in the summer and he still has IT. At the same festival I saw Bob Dylan and Blondie and Ray Davies (the latter was a little over confident of his own inportance, but hey, he’s an enormous part of the Kinks who remain to this day one of the best bands in the world) but it was Van Morrison that still sounded exactly the same as he did in the videos I’ve seen from the sixties. I’m a 20 year old French student, I don’t possess the necessary engineering ingenuity to build a time machine. I don’t think that I’ve had too many other moments that compare with sitting in the middle of a field, cider in hand, Van Morrison singing Into the Mystic on stage.

Now, how do I make a career out of cider and live music? I think I’ll gather some sponsors and start an annual festival in France. Yes, let’s do that.


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