My plan is, right, to put a bomb on a crow and fly it into one of them towers full of Jews and slags.

Terrorism never seemed so hysterically funny.

Four Lions, the world’s most inept bunch of Jihadist extremists. Blowing up crows, killing themselves accidentally while moving explosives and never really pulling off anything resembling an act of terrorism. Fucking yes bro. Rubber Dinghy Rapids.

Given the subject matter the film got rejected by many a production company but all hail Film4, always to the rescue it seems. Even Chris Morris himself reckons that the film isn’t offensive and isn’t disrespectful. I’d call it a fantastic chunk of controversial social observation. Who hasn’t heard the terrorist jokes? And not tried to hide a laugh or just pissed themselves anyway. After the 7/7 bombings in London I think everyone needed a bit of light relief. No, losing a loved one because of an act of terrorism isn’t funny, but watching the supposed terrorists fail spectacularly is. To a degree this film is so brilliantly funny because our very English sense of Political Corectness and polite dispositions lurk in the back our minds telling us that we are not supposed to laugh. But oh how we do, a twin towers cake in a synagogue? Terrorists dancing to Toploader? My sides were split wide open by the end.

Fessal and Omar were my personal favourites, Omar using the Lion King to explain the cause to his young son and Fessal with his bulk peroxide buying spree  and his great plan “let’s bomb Boots, they sell condoms that make you want to bang white girls.”

This film has had it’s critics, people not knowing what they’re supposed to think at the end, people rejecting it (exactly as the production companies did) because of an overactive sence of PC and others without a sense of humour. In the end I think that this film demonstrates the futitlity of extremism and terrorism, as I got the impression that none of the characters were entirely sure of the reasons for what they thought they were doing and so got everything disasterously wrong. What’s wrong with that? Its hilarious and probably a lot closer to reality than the over hyped fear of constant death the news networks assault us with every day.


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