Snow and it’s detrimental effect on public transport.

This is essentially the state of Paris right now. A particularly gorgerous looking exhaust flavoured slush puppy. It is quite pretty in certain places, and Christmas does feel as though it’s just around the corner now, but, as always, it’s getting chaotic. There are no buses at all, not one, such is the treachery of snow. So understandably the metro is packed, with more lunatics than ever, but there is also a feeling of general solidarity amongst the passengers, against the weather, against the transport networks (yes you RATP) and against those smug bastards with waterproof footwear. Eurostars are being delayed all over the shop, however reimbursements and or free tickets for the next cross channel trip are being handed out. This seems as though it could be a little bit of good news, I would happily be stranded for three hours if it means I can get a free Eurostar trip out of the experience. In any case I could even get on the news! The snow isn’t even the nice type, it’s melting and going brown at a spectacular rate and I’ve seen a lot of people with dirty knees which is normally a bit of a sight to behold, shocking, unthinkable, but now it’s all but commonplace. No such thing as bad weather, just the wrong footwear.

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