“you’ll never get to see my naked sweep”

I love Miranda. It could be the most cringeworthy yet hilarious comedy the BBC have made in a long time. At first I just kept thinking, Christ this is ridiculous, I should really turn it off. But I didn’t! I’ve just watched episode 4 (second series, haven’t seen the first) and it just keeps getting better.

Last week’s (ep. 3) is my personal favourite so far, 3 practially naked men in Miranda’s kitchen and her mother is finally proud of her! It was HILARIOUS. This week Miranda and Stevie had both made friends with a new 22 year old waitress and so end up going out, staying up and then swimming in the morning with no sleep, safe to say Miranda was brilliant at not coping with it.

Best part “You’re favourite game is my game, Where’s Miranda? !” think Where’s wally, literally.

Roll on next week.

Oh, and did I mention Gary?


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