So this poster happens to be in French, but hey, it’s a big hollywood film and most Anglophones with a TV will have seen the trailer for it. Helen Mirren with a machine gun? A recipe for complete cinematic success. Bruce Willis was characteristically ridiculous but I thought he was fantastic, he’s over the top, always has been so I wouldn’t have it any other way. John Malkovich, ever the craziest – in this case a rather prolonged exposure to LSD prescribed by the C.I.A. – was brilliant, his character was uncannily right about everything, he likes killing people too, as did Helen Mirren’s Victoria. Morgan Freeman was the icing on the cake, staring at the ass of one of his nurses in a care home and then shooting an assassin, fantASStic. Lots of guns, lots of pyrotechnics and a snow camouflage jacket for Victoria, not to mention the Moldova sequence at the end. I loved it. I’m definitely going to see it again, for once a film with a lot of fantastically famous and brilliant actors that was fantastic and brilliant itself, I’d say four and a half stars at lest.


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